AI-based Garbage Segregation

The politics of waste in the present day is a mess. Objects Americans intend to recycle tend to arrive at landfills and recently, recycling has become more expensive than throwing those objects away into the trash. In order to support the recycling industry, six students from AI Camp worked together and developed a detector for individuals to identify what type of waste something is and whether it should be recycled or not.

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Why waste?

In an industry plagued with ongoing diplomatic issues, the recycling industry struggles to properly identify certain products as recyclable. Moreover, the average consumer should identify the difference between recyclable and non-recyclable goods. The recycling industry is already strained with economic downturns and diplomatic, and we as citizens should do our part in helping those in this industry. Our product is designed to identify goods by the aforementioned categories and narrow down the goods, based on their overall reusability. All in all, it is designed to appeal to the average consumer, while simultaneously creating a difference in the recycling industry and the world.